Nike Zoom Kobe VI 6 Rice High School

Kobe VI Rice is the new fashion style in this season.
The shoe features an upper that is Green Moss and Green Apple. The two colors mingle over that scaly upper that the shoe has and it gives it a real serpentine feel. Black is found throughout the design and it does much to ground the look however it is by no means the star of the show. A translucent Green Apple outsole finishes things off while the schools logo on the heel serves as great detailing. Kobe’s favorite New York high school has been getting laced with his Nike’s since the Zoom Kobe VI Rice. Next in line is his new sig, the Nike Zoom Kobe VI “Rice”. This team edition sneaker features a predominately black upper with a bright green Swoosh and iridescent gold heel.

Par airmax2011 le jeudi 21 avril 2011


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